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(RD, ND, PG (Dietetics), BSc, C.D.E.)
Dhvani Shah

DHVANI SHAH (RD, ND, PG (Dietetics), BSc, C.D.E.)

A Naturopathic Nutritionist, Author, Speaker, Product developer, Chef, Columnist and Blogger by profession. I abide by the law of FIMS (Food Is Medicinal & Supplemental) to help you make healthy eating a fun filled task.


Dhvani Shah is a Registered Dietician and a Post graduate in Clinical Nutrition and Diet therapy. She has undergone special training in Naturopathy, Sports Nutrition, Diabetes Management and Food Processing. She has done extensive research in traditional Indian, chinese & tibetan diet therapies and its relevance in modern context. She is now using the power of food & home remedies to boost growth, cure disease & to encourage individuals’ world over to lead a healthier life. Dhvani regularly writes for leading newspapers & magazines, is a panelist on leading health websites, parenting blogs & mobile apps and is a keynote speaker at national medical conferences. She is a regular practitioner of Yoga, core workouts and uses the concept of Meridian energies to rejuvenate and heal the body and mind. She is an accomplished Musician with a degree from Trinity College of London and enjoys sports like surfing, diving, skiing and hiking. Her FIMS way of life supports a body-mind-spirit approach. Her love for music further enables her to do proper justice to her work philosophy – “Healing, the Nature’s way”. Just as music is about rhythm and harmony, it reflects in the results of her treatment programs – harmony and natural health!

15+ Countries
45+ Health food products designed
100+ Workshops conducted

7+ Books written
5000+ Recipes developed

Our Services


Children’s nutritional demands are unique. Correct nutrition is the foundation of your child’s development and a healthy life. It is important to understand the changing nutritional needs based on growth milestones. Also, each child possesses a unique body type with specific nutritional needs. Understanding the constitutional type of your child can help you in imbibing correct eating habits, providing vital nutrition for growth and balancing taste qualms of childhood.
Correct nutrition support also eases the transition from childhood to adolescence. The FIMS child nutrition program caters to each milestone in the growth cycle. Help your child achieve his maximum potential with an impeccable immunity.


A woman’s nutritional needs surpass all other categories. Yet it is the most ignored. Women perform multiple functions and so must their nutrition. Women play different roles in life- daughter, wife, mother, career woman. Therefore, each phase of a woman’s life cycle comes with its own demands as well as a change in the Body’s chemistry. One must also keep in mind the individual constitutional variations and nutritional needs.
The FIMS women wellness programs deliver personalized nutrition support to cater to the whole spectrum of women health. Our programs help to overcome common complaints like fatigue, cramps, bloating and also as a preventive for potential health problems like osteoporosis, menstrual irregularities etc. Our emphasis is to help maintain the body’s optimum nutrient stores and a healthy lifestyle.


“The roots of all illness lie in the intestines”

Food provides the building material and the biochemical base for all the vital body functions. However, faulty eating habits may lead to deficiencies of vital nutrients & elements or an excess of toxins that form the base for a disease. Nutrition illness goes beyond the addition or elimination of particular foods. Every illness must be treated from the core using constitution diets to prevent constant aggravations or remissions.
The FIMS Illness programs address two core issues. First is to give the body what it needs and second is to minimize foods that are against one’s individual body type. Scientific prescriptions deliver the right nourishment for the body tissues and stimulate well being. Food, in this case, works like medicine. Now you can discover your body type and its nutritional demands. Our program will help you design a diet to suit your immediate health issues and also ones that can easily adapt to your lifestyle.


Weight management goes beyond just the addition or subtraction of calories. Healthy weight management is a result of good food, lifestyle and the right attitude. It is important to achieve a healthy body composition than just the loss/ gain of kilos. An effective weight management program is the one that provides lasting results without side effects.


Sports nutrition is much more than the use of protein or supplements. The right food eaten at the right time in the right combination is more powerful than any synthetic supplements. Natural foods, healthy recipes, right home remedies provide the best form of absorbable nutrition.
The FIMS sports diet programs help in optimizing ability and agility with enhanced stamina without the use of synthetic supplements to give permanent results.


A child inherits its health from its mother. In turn, a healthy mother can pass on optimum nutrition to her child, and is able to manage the demands and stress of delivery & motherhood. This calls for special nutritional care during and after pregnancy. The FIMS pregnancy nutrition program focuses on foetal nutrition, balancing hormonal changes, prevention of pregnancy-related complications, enhancing optimal lactation and to achieve a healthy weight post delivery.
Weaning a child correctly lays the foundation of good health. The FIMS infant nutrition program ensures that your baby grows up to be disease resistant, strong, sharp and loves naturally healthy food.


A healthy lifestyle is a result of eating the right food for your body type, at the right time of the day, in the right combination. The FIMS lifestyle program emphasizes on the effective use of kitchen remedies, food combinations and lifestyle tips help maintain a healthy body without the use of medicines or supplements.
The lifestyle of an executive is accompanied by workplace stress, frequent travels, long work hours and hectic schedules. The FIMS executive program helps manage erratic schedules, diet changes while traveling, time zone differences effectively. After all a healthy body and mind means healthy profits.


Nutrition for the family encompasses the use of foods & home remedies that suit every individual at the same time encouraging healthy food plans for the entire family. The FIMS family nutrition program enables you to form the right eating practices cohesively, learn the right use of local & seasonal produce and to effectively use food remedies to solve common ailments.


True Wellness is a state of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Similarly food nourishes the body, mind and spirit. Use the living energy in food to restore harmony of the body - mind - spirit is the foundation of spiritual progress. The FIMS spiritual nutrition program helps you identify your temperament and the nutrition it needs. Special food combinations for the spirit eliminate toxins and impart vibrant energy.


“The spontaneous grace and radiance that emanates from a state of harmony between the body, mind and the spirit makes you beautiful”

Our exterior is the mirror of our inner health and well being. Beautiful skin, hair and body is the result of good nature and excellent nurturing. Skin and hair differs with each body type. However healthy constitutions reflect as good skin and hair. The FIMS aesthetic program helps you identify your skin/hair type and the optimum care for the same.


The body ages with each decade after the age of 30. However, it degenerates the most post 60. Nutrition plays a crucial role in managing health and disease at this juncture.
The FIMS geriatric nutrition support helps slow down the aging process and resolve age linked complaints like indigestion, constipation, joint pains, lack of energy, lowered immunity and weakness.


Balancing nutrition with the right taste is an art, science and a task in itself. Our FIMS child nutrition workshops is a revolutionary concept of providing for growth, brain development, immunity enhancement and something more to make your child achieve his full potential

We conduct sessions on;
1. Immunity boosting foods
2. Foods for memory & brain development
3. Strength & growth nutrition
4. Home remedies for common ailments
5. Body type nutrition
6. Nutrition for fussy eaters
7. Weight management for kids
8. Cooking with kids


Women’s nutritional needs surpass all other categories. Yet it is the most ignored. Women perform multiple functions and so must their nutrition. Each phase of a woman’s life cycle comes with it’s own nutritional demands as well as a change in the Body’s chemistry. The key is to be FOOD-WISE and eat according to individual body-types

We conduct sessions on;
1. Weight management
2. Skin& hair nutrition
3. Healthy cooking made easy
4. Nutrition for the family
5. Life cycle nutrition
6. Home remedies for common ailments


Food is the simplest drug available to all without so much as a prescription. The wonders of food and its healing properties can be used as your daily dose of medicine, cosmetic products, supplements, anti-biotic or growth boosters. It much more than just calories or vitamins! Truly, Food Is Medicinal & Supplemental (FIMS). Know the FIMS value of food & stay healthy without the use of synthetic drugs.

We conduct sessions on;
1. Food synergy (food combinations for better nutrition)
2. Body type (constitutional) nutrition
3. Home remedies for common ailments
4. Therapeutic nutrition
5. Nutrition for weight management
6. Spiritual diets
7. Sports nutrition
8. Nutrition post 60


A corporate workplace generates maximum of lifestyle induced diseases like weight gain, hormonal imabalances, hypertention, diabetes etc. The right food intake is of utmost importance to prevent ailments and improve productivity. The FIMS workshop for corporates guides you on the correct use of food, easy tiffin meal/ snack ideas, ways to manage erratic working hours and most important – the use of simple lifestyle techniques to get fitter and healthier.

We conduct sessions on;
1. Nutrition at work
2. Nutrition for illness management
3. Nutrition for frequent travellers
4. Body type (constitutional) nutrition
5. Home remedies for common ailments


A baby derives its nutrition from the mother, making it essential for the mother to be FOOD-WISE. Right nutrition provides for healthy growth of the baby, correction of nutritional imbalances, minimize pregnancy related symptoms and to cope with post-delivery stress.

We conduct sessions on;
1. Pre pregnancy nutrition
2. Pregnancy nutrition (trimester wise)
3. Nutrition for nursing mothers
4. Post pregnancy weight loss
5. Home remedies for common ailments
6. Weaning & infant nutrition


The right food combinations work in synergy to provide the body with the best “bioavailable” nutrition. With nutritional deficiencies on the rise, the necessity of health foods and nutritional foods has increased. A nutrition food should not only be convenient, but should be packed with ideal bio-available nourishment for the target group, without the use of synthetic chemicals & flavour enhancers.

Our product design team ensures that each product we develop is in harmony with nature’s nutrition synergy. We formulate;
1. Healthy snacks
2. Nutritional beverages
3. Breakfast cereals
4. Cookies & nutrition bars
5. Trail mixes
6. Meal replacers
7. Health flours (atta)
8. Jams & preserves
9. Health tonics


A good menu is the key to a good appetite. Designing health food menus is a growing need, be it corporate offices, schools, institutions, hospitals or restaurants. Menu designing incorporates the use of local ingredients, correct cooking techniques, balancing of a meal, meeting required nourishment need throughout the day. Make this task simpler with FIMS menu design services at your disposal.

We design customized menus for;
1. Schools
2. Restaurants
3. Hospital / healthcare centre
4. Therapeutic caterers
5. Corporate canteens
6. Meal delivery services
7. Theme parties, weddings and events


“Health is made in the kitchen and not at a hospital”

Your kitchen tells you a lot about your employee’s health. Make sure it's in best shape.
A healthy employee is equivalent to healthy profits. Most of the employees working in corporate offices or industries eat 1-2 meals in the corporate canteen. Hence optimizing the canteen food to help employees remain healthy is mandatory. Our eat-rite to FIMS kitchen clinic helps you achieve a balance between taste, variety and health. Menu planning, employing healthy cooking operations, training kitchen staff, setting a dining room discipline, disposal & reuse of food waste etc. are some of the areas covered in this program.

Scope of work;
- Industrial Kitchen Menus
- Menu for Corporate Canteens
- Health Menus for Schools, Training Centres
- Restaurant Menus


“Health is made in the kitchen and not at a hospital”

Your kitchen tells you a lot about your family’s health. Make sure its in best shape.
Get us to visit you home kitchen and transform it into a clinic. The EAT-RITE to FIMS kitchen clinic program teaches you the use of ideal cooking techniques, the right use of basic kitchen ingredients, optimising food ingredient combinations for healthy cooking. We also help you train your kitchen staff to cook healthy for your family.


Kitchen herbs, spices and food combinations are the solution for everything from a cold to cancer. These simple remedies can be incorporated in one’s daily routine & even during travel to stay fit, prevent illness and cure disease. After all food is the easiest available drug, available without a prescription!


"Good to taste, good for health."

Being healthy can be fun too. Correct use of seasonings, healthy cooking techniques and synergy of ingredients is the formula for tasty recipes for special occasions and health needs. EAT-RITE to FIMS recipes provide delicious options for all needs.

1. Nutrient specific recipes
(Low carb, high fibre, high protein, low fat, iron rich, calcium rich, vitamin C etc.)

2. Recipes for specific needs
(Exercise, sportsmen, pregnancy, infants, skin & hair, weight loss, bone strength, immunity, blood purifier, muscle gain etc.)

3. Therapeutic recipes
(Diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, PCOD, asthma, cancer, skin disease, allergies, etc.)

4. Detox recipes
(Soups, salads, detox meals, juice cleanse etc.)

5. Healthy Party recipes
(Healthy dips, appetizers, beverages, meals, snacks, desserts, etc.)




I am Ritika Kashikar, mother of 10yrs old Eshaan Kashikar. Eshaan participates in competitive swimming. This yr he will be attempting for state level. For a swimmer eating right combination food is an integral part. Eight months back my friend introduced me to Dhvani Shah. To my surprise she being so young but full of knowledge, she first attacked Eshaan main problem... Dhvani gave him all natural stuff to start with. Slowly she loaded him with the right food combinations, time of consumption etc. Worked wonders for Eshaan.This enhanced his strength & improved his performance in competitions... A very warm , power packed with knowledge & open to queries is our Dhvani Shah.. Thanks a lot for being there for Eshaan.

Ritika Kashikar

Hello Dhvani,
We enjoyed the journey of eating right things at right time & right way which was not possible without You & your keen attention and Guidelines which were so effective for us to become fit at this stage of Life. I would suggest and have suggested so many in our circle that if you want to be fit please follow Dhvani Who has Guided us in right directions not only Food but Yoga, Prayanam and several other activities in daily life. We once again Thank Dhvani to be with us In our daily Life.

Ashwin Shah & Neelam Shah

Correct eating and gud health go hand in hand .Dhvani has helped me achieve this goal of a healthy body mind you not a thin body with correct guidance and meal planning with her expertise.Her meal plans have delicious recipes which will help you attain desired results with satiety. I have truly enjoyed my journey of good health of body and mind with Dhvani.

Kunjan Dedhia

It was simply awwssm following ur diet...it really helped me to get out my migraine almost completely.. My metabolism is changed and I can feel tht from inside..
A big big thankuuu to u...love u Dhvani....❣

Ritu jethva

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